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common Directory Listing
Elasctic Search Memory Leak CVE-2021-22145
Elasctic Search Unauthenticated API
Host Header Cache Poisoning
Cache Poisoning Port DoS
Common Environment File Exposed
Apache HBase Unauthen Panel
Apache Solr Unauthen Panel
InfluxDB Unauthenticated API
AEM SSRF Reporting Services
Jetty Path Traversal CVE-2021-34429
Jetty Path Traversal CVE-2021-28164
Wordpress Unauthen SQL injection Woocommerce
Metabase Install Exposed
AEM Children Node Exposed
Tomcat PrintEnv XSS (CVE-2019-0221)
WSO2 Management Console through 5.10 allows XSS
H2 DB Console Exposed
Vercel Config Exposure
PHP Unit RCE (CVE-2017-9841)
Laravel Debug Mode with Ignition RCE CVE-2021-3129
Ruby on Rails sidekiq
OpenProject SQLi CVE-2019-11600
Ruby on Rails Route Disclosure
Rails Debug Mode
Fortinet VPN Error XSS
Graphql IntrospectionQuery Enabled
Global Project XSS
Pulse VPN LFI - CVE-2019-11510
OpenAM RCE CVE-2021-35464
EpiServer Open Redirect (CVE-2020-24550)
Harbor Registry Unauthentication
AEM CRX List All Packages
Cisco ASA POST based XSS - CVE-2020-3580
SVN Leak Source
Spring Log Viewer Exposed
Spring Log Viewer LFI CVE-2021-21234
Jetty Information Disclosure CVE-2021-28164
AEM CRX Query Exposed
Gitlab Unauth SSRF
OpenProject Unauthenticated Project Exposure
NestJS CVE-2020-5284
Jira User Enumeration (CVE-2020-36289)
vCenter RCE CVE-2021-21985
Odoo Open Redirect
Gitea and Gogs Unauthenticated Access
Gitlab Private Email Leak
Bugzilla Unauthentication Access