What is this?

This web contains the current list of vulnerability signatures available for HunterSuite clients. As part of our service, we actively look for worthy high impact vulnerabilities to add in our collection. We collect and create these signatures for two main reasons: firstly, you can scan your assets with these vulnerabilities with ease, and more importantly, you don't have to spend too much time researching and managing trending vulnerabilities.
How do we select a candidate?
We focus on application vulnerabilities with extensive usage in both commercial and open-source software. You can check the main page for the latest entities.
How do we scan for vulnerabilities?
Jaeles power our vulnerability engine. You can check out its docs to find out more details on how our signature works.
What About Updates?
We are continually updating our vulnerability database with new entities. We will release more information about how we are scheduling our vulnerability database soon.

You can follow our twitter @HunterSuite to receive fresh updates.

Last update : Tue Jan 5 2021 .